Josh is a serial project starter.  This is a list of current and not-so-current things he’s been working on in the last few years.  If you’ve got questions about, or ideas for, a specific project, let him know.

Bloggy stuff, things to play with, and other on-going stuff:

ThinkStank, a bad-ideas blog.
Shit My Contact Form Says, a digest of weird Metafilter mail.
Baseball Card Hall of Fame, which is what it says it is., Josh’s music archive and blog.
The Big Markovski, Lebwoski meets stochastic processes.
Previously, On The X-Files, markov driven X-Files recaps.
Jesus Markoving Christ, randomly generated Jesusism.
Garkov — Garfield + Markov chains, a dynamic pseudo-Garfield generator.
Faverunner, a short satirical Metafilter themed game.
Mulder’s Big Adventure, a project with wife Angela to recap all 202 episodes of The X-Files.
Blues Name Generator, a machine that uses fruit, dead white guys, and medical horrors to generate random stage names.
Josh’s photos (and misc. images) on

One-offs and retired works:
Inchoatery, a 2010 narrative rock album.
Glengarry Glen Stih, a vamp on Darth Vader as Alec Baldwin.
Manifests, an album of original music written and recorded in February, 2007.
Retro-Histo, an steganography-lite experiment in image histogram manipulation.
HURF DURF METAFILTER ANALYZER, an examination of several hundred varations on the phrase “hurf durf” over the years on metafilter.
Verbing Metafilter, a look at the several major intended meanings of the word “metafiltering”, on and off the site.
Meficomp, the home of the Metafilter compilation album: 24 tracks from various members of of Metafilter, produced as a fundraiser for children’s music education.
Bunt Cake, a surreal comic strip featuring chopped up baseball cards.
Laundryroom Swapmeet, a varyingly snarky and absurdist log of items abandoned on the laundry room table in Josh’s apartment building.
Polyorama, a collection of randomizable, reconfigurable artworks from various artists.
Refi: Metafilter revisited, a periodic examination of Metafilter’s early history and of trends and memes on the site over time.
Metafiltr, a goofy congolomeration of odd Metafilter-related media and information.
butts lol, an aggressively pointless collection of visual, textual, and semantic references to both “butts” and “lol”.

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  1. Hi, cortex

    I am a researcher in Beijing Jiaotong University, P.R.China. I am very interested in your data provided on Infodump.

    I have a advice for you. I found that there exists a deepblue box which marked the related posts, right? I do deem that related relation between posts could significant information of implict structure and connetions of posts. Could you add relation data into your infodump?

    Such as:

    postid timestamp related postid
    1 2003-6-14 4 / 2 / 3
    2 2005-6-14 1 / 3
    3 2010-6-14 3
    4 2012-6-14 4

    Many thanks

    Stephen Sikun YANG

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