Interview with a Bassist

Ever since the band broke up, I’ve been out of contact with bassist and long-time friend Wilder Schmaltz. It’s not any expression of ire or bitterness; I’ve just been sort of letting things sit, waiting for a reason to give him a call.

Also ever since the breakup, I have been tossing around the idea of a documentary (originally suggested, as it happens, by Wilder) about the band, or about the breakup, or about the general notion of band breakups or perhaps simply about bands. Thesis indeterminate, but certainly a band-related documentary. I have a camera, I have a couple mics, I have the software and the hardware to edit a zero-budget film. I just haven’t been starting.

So I am trying to take two birds with one stone. I just called Wilder, engaged in a little “boy it’s been a while” chatter — he’s moving! he’s been dorking about with friendster! — and then told him I wanted to make him my first interview for the documentary. Tentative plan: tomorrow night, his place.

He is, I think, a low-risk first interview, insofar as he’s photogenic, likes to talk, and almost certainly won’t punch me in the face no matter what I ask him.

What You Can’t See Will Hurt Me

When I left for work I thought that I had the whole site up and running in a manner that, while far from perfect, was at least adequate. Functional. Lo, my dismay: when I went to make the first welcoming post featured below this one, I was met ultimately with an unpleasant message:

500 Internal Server Error

For whatever (probably diligent and wholly security-minded) reason, my place of occupation does not permit SSH connections. So no shell into the server for Josh. So no fixing the problem. So eight torturous hours of ignoring some glaring and site-paralyzing bug preventing me from making that cathartic First Post to justify the long weekend spent coding and debugging and cursing and annoying my wife.

It was a pretty stupid bug, too. Not even a bug. A permissions issue. A minor oversight in the workflow of a utility script that, in theory, I’ll never even have to run again.

It’s fixed now, though, because (and this is one of the key lessons I have learned as a programmer, one of those truisms of coding that should be written in a tiny black notebook of programmatical koans to be pondered by students of the arcane arts) at some point I will again run that script that I think I’ll never have to run again.

Anyway, welcome to the site. Soon, I can bury all this ridiculous “the site is new” omphalaskepsis in actual posts about actual things.

Look, I Do a New Thingy

After a week or so of effort, and especially a weekend of css tweaking and perl hacking (the spine of my aging copy of the Perl Cookbook having been left that much weaker, the pages that much more fatigued), the site is now in functional form.

Considering my penchant for starting projects that I don’t finish, I feel pretty good about what I’ve gotten done.

More work to do, though — the css could use some further tweaking, and the files need some cleanup and re-organization regardless. If you want to peek at the current mess, here it is. I also need to get an rss feed worked up for this thing, I suppose.

Oh, and content. I should probably add some content.