About Josh

Josh Millard is a 30-something musician, computer geek, and generally reckless creative-type person in Portland, OR.

Josh runs and co-moderates of the community weblog Metafilter.  His username on mefi is “cortex”, for reasons that aren’t particularly interesting. 

He has also worked as a programmer, a market researcher, a wedding musician, a reluctant clipboard-wielding activist, a last-minute trade-show translator/calligrapher, and a deck-builder; he’s also responsible for a few scraps of freelance writing.  He has a Bachelor’s of Computer Science, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (class of 2001), and enjoys spending time with his outstanding loans.

Josh has been in several bands, and does a fair amount of solo recording as well; in February, 2010, he wrote and recorded the album Inchoatery as part of the annual RPM Album In A Month challenge; likewise in February, 2007, the album Manifests.  For more on Josh’s musical work and history, see the Music page.

A serial project-starter, Josh tweets bad ideas and bad jokes on twitter: @joshmillard. You can check out some of the things he’s spent his time on at the Projects page.

If you’d like to get ahold of Josh, it shouldn’t be too hard; take a look at the Contact page for details.

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