About Josh

Josh Millard is a 32-year-old musician, computer geek, and generally reckless creative-type person in Portland, OR.

Josh is one of the administrators of the community weblog Metafilter.  His username on mefi is “cortex”, for reasons that aren’t particularly interesting. 

He has also worked as a programmer, a market researcher, a wedding musician, a reluctant clipboard-wielding activist, a last-minute trade-show translator/calligrapher, and a deck-builder; he’s also responsible for a few scraps of freelance writing.  He has a Bachelor’s of Computer Science, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (class of 2001), and enjoys spending time with his outstanding loans.

Josh has been in several bands, and does a fair amount of solo recording as well; in February, 2010, he wrote and recorded the album Inchoatery as part of the annual RPM Album In A Month challenge; likewise in February, 2007, the album Manifests.  For more on Josh’s musical work and history, see the Music page.

A serial project-starter, Josh’s current bad-ideas blog is ThinkStank. You can check out some other things he’s spent his time on at the Projects page.

If you’d like to get ahold of Josh, it shouldn’t be too hard; take a look at the Contact page for details.

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