Operation Autorun, a Plunkbat story in two parts

This is a story about a very stupid couple of things I did recently in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, aka Plunkbat, aka the videogame everybody and their uncle is playing right now.

You don’t need to have played or watched it for the following to more or less make sense, but a quick summary for the absolutely uninitiated:

Plunkbat is a game where 100 strangers on the internet, alone or in teams of 2-4, parachute onto a large island and then, in the general mold of Hunger Games or Battle Royale, try to find weapons and armor and gear, and strive to be the last player or players not dead at the end.  But there’s a great big circle that keeps closing in, and if you’re outside the circle, you die.  And the circle gets really small as time goes on, one circle inside another inside another until you’re shouting distance from each other.  That’s the core mechanic that drives the game.  It’s all about being forced into a small shared space, or dying trying.  Whoever lasts longest gets the winner winner chicken dinner.

PART 1: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Autorunner

I was thinking about goofy stunt playthroughs the other day and was like, “what if all you did was autorun?” Just hit the “run forward automatically” button, and that’s…it.  My brother, a dad of two, did a version of this by accident because of a child care situation the other day and got in the top ten.

So I decided to develop the idea a little, to come up with some simple rules to basically remove any agency from the game, and then execute those. The sort of thing that a bot could do well pretty easily if there was bot support.

My ruleset shook out like this as I tried it a few times: Continue reading “Operation Autorun, a Plunkbat story in two parts”