The Decline And Fall Of Snowmeng


Portland’s snowy hellscape has gone the way of warmer temperatures and more typical rain, and the snowy Menger sponge I built along with it, but I took some pictures while it was still up and while it was in the process of ceasing to be.

My wife had the excellent idea to stick a colored LED lamp in the interior of the sponge to light it at night; the various colors seen in these images are on a cycle that the lamp runs through, and it spent that whole first night slowly easing from one color to the next.

snowmeng-7 snowmeng-5 snowmeng-3 snowmeng-4

After a few days of sub-freezing temperatures, the weather started warming up to more typical Portland winter territory, a mix of 40s and 50s, and rain set in.

The Snowmeng, which had already started to deform a bit in the face of direct sunlight and its own weight, fairly quickly took on a heavy slump and then collapsed.  A couple days later it was just snowy rubble.

snowmeng-decline-1 snowmeng-decline-2snowmeng-decline-3snowmeng-decline-4snowmeng-decline-5snowmeng-decline-6

Author: Josh Millard

I manage and help moderate the community website MetaFilter, where I go by "cortex"; in my spare time I get up to all sorts of creative nerdery on the internet and in Portland, Oregon.

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