Closing Out the Year

2016’s been a shitshow. Not universally, and one of the things I struggle with lately is trying to find the balance of anger and sadness the last twelve months have produced with all the good things and good people that have filled the year up. The temptation to say that literally everything is terrible when in fact it’s just that there’s been a lot of terrible in the mix.

And so with a few hours left, I’m writing a little here and getting ready to head to a friend’s house with my wife to celebrate as well as we’re able, which should be well enough, the fact that the year has been a year and that the next one is starting up full of opportunity along with the foreboding. It’s been a shitshow, and it may well be another one, but it’s a year and another year and that’s the pattern of life as it happens.

I’ve done a lot of stuff this year, even as there’s been a lot of stuff I meant to do and didn’t get around to. The former I hope to organize a little here, as part of an effort to blog and document creative and personal stuff more deliberately; the latter, well, 2017 is coming up and that’s another chance to get to it.

I’ve got an overabundance of thoughts and feelings about the state of the US, and of the Internet; about MetaFilter, about my own music and art and creative drives; about the balance of self-care and caring for others; about a lot of things. And I’ve got a deficit of vim for putting it down on paper right now, and a party to get to. So. Next year.