Mary Worth’s Howl, by Al “Screwball” Ginsberg

So, Lauren LoPrete‘s Peanuts + Smiths Lyrics mashup blog, This Charming Life, has been making the rounds; it ended up on Metafilter yesterday, which led to much riffing on other possible comic/band juxtapositions, and I saw someone mention Mary Worth and joked that it should in fact be:

Mary Worth and excerpts from Howl.

And it was just a dumb one-off joke, since who could be more square and straight and constitutionally terrified of something like unfiltered Ginsberg than good ol’ meddlin’ Mary.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea, and so, here we go for real. Heavily excerpted in seven parts, because a one-shot wasn’t enough.








Author: Josh Millard

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7 thoughts on “Mary Worth’s Howl, by Al “Screwball” Ginsberg”

  1. “My god, why hast thou forsaken me?” Ginsberg’s original text actually has it “eli eli lamma lamma sabacthani” in the bit I’m riffing on there, but I had to work with the space in the word balloon.

  2. Nothing involving Mary Worth should bring me this much joy.

    (And I say this as someone who reads Mary Worth every freaking day.)

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