I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Dropped In)

Probably about the third time that Taylor Swift sangs the “trouble, trouble, trouble” chorus hook in her song I Knew You Were Trouble, I found myself singing “tribble, tribble, tribble” instead, and things just sort of got out of hand from there.

And, so, yes: I wrote this parody on Sunday, recorded it Monday morning, and did the video edit (from footage from the Star Trek epsiode “The Trouble With Tribbles”) Monday afternoon, and here we are:

Keen-eyed fans of Swift’s videography will note the visual/narrative parallelism to the original video of the second-chorus barroom brawl, because that’s just how we do things in my head.

Bird Presidents #20: James A. Guineafowl

James A. Guineafowl

Few birds in our history have ever obtained the Presidency by planning to obtain it.
~ James A. Guineafowl

James A. Garfield; the guineafowl, which apparently tastes like chicken.

It’s been a bit of a haitus for presidential birds lately as I’ve gotten myself distracted by other things, but here we are again, and it’s nice to be back in the habit, though I sort of wish I’d done this one before I took a break to give my wrist time to recover.

I learn something from every bird I draw, and what I learned from this one is NEVER DRAW A DAMN GUINEAFOWL. Oh, it’s terrible, all those wee negative-space white dots everywhere. Nothing but dots and a tiny bald head. Nice bird to look at but next time I’m just taking a photo.

Garfield, for his part, went and got himself shot a few months into his first term and lingered the better part of another three months before finally shuffling off the ol’ coil. I was at his memorial in Cleveland last summer, by whatever odd chance, where I also pointedly touched Eliot Ness’s memorial because I am a scamp.

But! One of Garfield’s big legacy achievements (with some post-mortem followthrough from Chester A. Arthur) was cleaning up the Post Office! Yes, he cleaned house on some serious postal corruption, apparently. Finished the job that Grant sorta kinda started and then Hayes started some more. You don’t clean a post office quickly.

Sketchbook: Star Trek & Dune

Bird presidents have been on pause while I binge on some video games I’ve been ignoring and otherwise get distracted by things, but here’s a couple Trek sketches from tonight and some Dune scribblings from a week or so ago.


Keiko O’Brien was a recurring character on Star Trek: The Next Generation and, more so, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; she married transporter honcho Miles O’Brien on TNG in the fourth season, on the same episode where the viewer was introduced to her, and pedestrian marital strife between her and Miles was a frequent touchpoint of her appearances.

I’d never thought a whole lot about her as a character until I introduced her and Miles as characters in Larp Trek, the comic I’ve been doing for the last few months that supposes that the crew of the Enterprise makes up Deep Space Nine as a role-playing game because their holodeck is broken. And the comic is set prior to when viewers ever meet Keiko, which means I can define her relationship to Miles however I like as a dating couple. And it turns out that that’s a hell of a lot of fun, especially since I decided they’d skip inventing new characters for the game and instead just play each other.

This is a sketch based off a recurring Keiko image I use in the comic. Also:
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