Happy Bird Presidents Day

What better day to put together an anthology of my ongoing Bird Presidents project than Bird Presidents Day?

I’ve been drawing these for a few weeks now, ever since I knocked out Theodore Crowsevelt as what I thought at the time was a one-off joke, and now I’m just about halfway done with the series with #1-19 (and Teddy at #27) done already. I’ve been pretty happy with the results so far and feel like I’m actually developing my drawing a bit in the process (not to mention learning a bit about birds and human presidents).

So: here’s a bunch of bird presidents. I’ve posted each of these as a blog entry with a bit more info about the respective bird and president and notes on my process, so if you want more detail go ahead and click on the name above a given image.

Bird Presidents

#1: Grebe Washington
Grebe Washington

#2: Guan Adams
Guan Adams

#3: Ptarmigan Jefferson
03 Ptarmigan Jefferson

#4: James Manakin
James Manakin

#5: James Macaw
James Macaw

#6: John Quail Adams
John Quail Adams

#7: Andrew Jackdaw
Andrew Jackdaw

#8: Moorhen Van Buren
Moorhen Van Buren

#9: Warbler Henry Harrison
Warbler Henry Harrison

#10: John Lyrebird
John Lyrebird

#11: James K. Stork
James K Stork

#12: Chickadee Taylor
Chickadee Taylor

#13: Mallard Fillmore
Mallard Fillmore

#14: Penguin Pierce
Penguin Pierce

#15: Blue Jay Buchanan
Blue Jay Buchanan

#16: Albatross Lincoln
Albatross Lincoln

#17: Kagu Johnson
Kagu Johnson

#18: Ulysses S. Grouse
Ulysses S. Grouse

#19: Rutherford B. Hawk
Rutherford B Hawk

#27: Theodore Crowsevelt
Theodore Crowsevelt

A detail experiment of Teddy:
Crowsevelt detail

A detail sketch before I drew Lincoln for keeps:
albatross lincoln detail sketch

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