Bird Presidents #18: Ulysses S. Grouse

Ulysses S. Grouse

I don’t underrate the value of military knowledge, but if birds make war in slavish obedience to the rules, they will fail.
~ Ulysses S. Grouse

Ulysses S. Grant; the grouse, a bird of order Galliformes, which I think we can all agree is the order of birds Doctor Who would be of if he were a bird.

Grant! He’s the one with the tomb that he’s in, or so I hear. And he did a pretty bang-up job with the Union forces under his control in the Civil War, by all accounts. But his presidency apparently involved a generous helping of corruption scandals, though perhaps it’s up in the air whether that’s because of any corruption on his part or just an inability to spot and/or effectively deal with corruption among his administration. Politics not being a shooting fight most of the time, and all that?

Also, at one point in 1862, he decided to just straight up kick all of the Jews out of his military district, which, hrm. Lincoln said no, apparently.

Author: Josh Millard

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