Bird Presidents #11: James K. Stork

James K Stork

We may congratulate ourselves that we are the most favored birds on the face of the earth.
~ James K. Stork

James K. Polk; the stork, aka (maybe) “he who walks in the swamp”, which makes you think Alan Moore should be writing his dialogue.

There is nothing I can say here about James K. Polk that isn’t already at least touched on in the song James K. Polk by They Might Be Giants. If you have not heard it, you need to; if you have, it’s already stuck in your head again because I mentioned it just now. I sort of apologize. Sort of?

But Polk got an awful lot done in (one term! of) office for a guy who doesn’t get A-list dead President billing, that’s for sure. However you may feel about Manifest Destiny as a sociopolitical ideology in 19th C. America, there’s no arguing that Polk was one hell of a destiny manifester, what with the Oregon territory and seizing the whole southwest and all that. And then he declined to run again and then he died a few months later!

Anyway, I always liked the image of him being Napoleon of the Stump, and so, yes, here we are.

Author: Josh Millard

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