Announcing LARP Trek, a new webcomic

Something I’ve cooked up in the last week and just launched properly on Monday:

LARP Trek, a comic about the crew of the Enterprise coping with the holodeck being broken by playing a table-top roleplaying game called “Deep Space Nine”.

larp trek number five

I’ve got an abiding affection for this whole franchise, and I’m having a good time subverting it a little bit with this. Though I’m not sure how much of a subversion it really is to portray Riker as a horndog.

The one-off gags aside, the whole thing has something resembling narrative continuity so far, so it’s probably best to start at the first strip.

Author: Josh Millard

I manage and help moderate the community website MetaFilter, where I go by "cortex"; in my spare time I get up to all sorts of creative nerdery on the internet and in Portland, Oregon.

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