Introducing Mapstalgia – video game maps drawn from memory

An idle thought the other day turned into a new blog (those who know me will be shocked to hear this, I know), and it’s one that I’m pretty excited about:

Mapstalgia - video game maps drawn from memory

Mapstalgia is a growing collection of levitra pill drawn-from-memory maps of video games. Essentially, it’s a library of memories of fictional worlds: people doing their best to render what they recall of shared pop-culture video game spaces.

It’s open for submissions, so if you have even a dim recollection of a game you’ve played, whether a week ago or twenty years ago, go scratch out a map on a napkin if nothing else and look there online pharmacy viagra drop it into Mapstalgia’s submission form.

The site is still brand new but it’s gotten some nice mentions on twitter (cheers to @liquidindian, @auntiepixelante, and, as I am writing this, Xbox heavy @majornelson) and I woke up this morning to a nice writeup from Rock Paper Shotgun, so I’m pretty excited about the response.

I’d love to see this just keep growing. Our collective time spent with games is such a huge well of spatial and experiential memory that this feels like one of those things that anyone can, and everyone should, have a crack at.

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