Introducing The Square Foot

I’ve been working for the last couple of weeks on a new photoblog, The Square Foot, focusing on documenting Portland one literally-framed square foot at a time.

Statue face with white and red eyes

I’ve always enjoyed photography; I grew up around cameras, learned dark room workflow in high school, and have posted thousands of photos over the years to my flickr account. But I have trouble being consistent about shooting; I’ll get excited for a few days, or document an event or a trip, but I won’t keep shooting daily.

Honda motorcycle in alley

And so this is an attempt to give myself a little bit of structure, a reason to go out every day and look around and try to find a half-dozen good shots, to think about composition and about getting more than just a good-enough snapshot out of my camera.

Lunch at James John Cafe

It’s also a way for me to be more conscious of where I live — my street, my neighborhood, my town. I love Portland but it’s easy to get used to a place and stop thinking about all the little weird details and bits of character that define it. Familiarity leads to taking for granted; I’m hoping I’ll do a little less of that now. I’m enjoying walking around an noticing new details for the first time, but I’m also excited to go back to places I’ve been, to photograph the things that I already think of as being Portland.

St. Johns Bridge

The Square Foot is already shaping up to be a pretty satisfying personal project; I hope others, Portlanders and not, get a kick out of it as well.