Nintendo Game Counselor #1 – Mario’s Bad Dreams

Subject: Fratelli, Mario.
Initial session transcript

So, what do I do, I just, I mean, do you wanna ask me questions? I never been to a shrink, all I ever seen is movies and stuff, so–

Okay, uh, yeah. I been having weird dreams.

Yeah, for, jesus, I dunno, years now. Years and years. Seems like I have the same dream again and again, like it’s on repeat, except–

Yeah, yeah, recurring dream, I guess that’s what you call it yeah. But I mean, does it have to be the same every time or it’s something different that you call it? Because there’s all these, y’know, these changes from one time to the next, it’s not like its the exact same thing every time. Sometimes it’s all in black and white, sometimes I can fly, sometimes everything feels like it’s just, I dunno, it’s flat, like the world’s got no depth. Izzat still count?

Okay, it’s, the basic thing is every time I realize my girlfriend, she’s been kidnapped.
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12 Variations on Chekhov’s Gun

“If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should go off. Otherwise don’t put it there.”

— Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, as related by Ilia Gurlyand of a conversation from 1899

“Rules are made to be broken.”

— Ladies Home Journal, 1899

~ The setup ~

(The living room of a modest home. There is a fire burning in the fireplace; hanging above the mantle is pistol.)

Oh, Uncle Bob, it is so good to see you again after all these years.

(embracing ALICE)
I have missed this old house. How is your mother?


~ The variations ~

1. The Vanilla


You’ve betrayed me, and Mother! Everything this family stands for!

(grabs pistol from mantle, fires it at ALICE, killing her)
Oh god, what have I done?


2. The Ladies Home Journal


You’ve betrayed us all, Uncle Bob!

(walks to fireplace, looks at pistol on the wall)
Yes, well, nobody’s perfect. Hey, where’d you find this neat gun?

Mother bought it on eBay.

It’s really cool looking.

Yeah, I like it a lot.

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Blog facelift

It’s been a few years since I’ve updated the look of the site. This is more a nudge than a top-to-bottom refit; I’m using a newer WordPress theme that gives me a little more column width for the main content, something that’s been bothering me previously, and a few other things have been tweaked, but otherwise it should look and feel pretty similar to what was here before.

I’ve updated the sidebar content and Music and Project page stuff as well; two years out of date is pretty out of date for me, considering how ephemeral a lot of my projects are. So some obsolete stuff has been nixed and a lot of new stuff form the last couple years is now properly featured.

The Metafilter Infodump (panel talk from AoIR 12)

This is the script of a talk I gave in early October this year, at the Association of Internet Research’s twelfth annual conference. I was one of four Metafilter members presenting different research-related talks about Metafilter as a site and a community. The other panelists were Kim Witten, Kris Markman, and Quinn Warnick. You can find their respective presentation notes here: Quinn, Kris, Kim.

I was the first of the four to present, and so opened with a short intro about the site itself before moving on to a discussion of the Metafilter Infodump, a weekly-updated repository of site activity data on which this talk is focused.

This was originally a slideshow presentation, but my slides weren’t anything special so I’ve left most of those out of this re-run of the talk’s presentation in favor of running the text itself. If this reads a bit odd in spots, it’s partly a reflection of that transition.

The Infodump
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