Hello from SXSW. I am doing a thing.

So I’m at South by Southwest, which is neat, and I’m doing a jokey presentation thing with a bunch of other people who are way bigger names than me, which is nuts and awesome.

And so a few people may drop by the blog for the first time today. In which case, hi, people! I’m Josh, I work at Metafilter, I’m a musician, and I like making stuff, and here are some things I’ve made:

ThinkStank is a tumblr I started after SXSW last year. It’s full of ideas I have that I kind of like or kind of hate but mostly don’t have the time or the will to flesh out in any case. Some of the things that have come out of that after all are Useless Fliers (fliers that don’t do anything), Nine Inch Niles (NIN tracks reconstituted entirely from snips of sound from the sitcom Frasier), and silly art things like Ennuigi and Beep Calm and Tenori On

The Baseball Card Hall of Fame, a post-a-day collection of awards for unorthodox baseball card achievement.

– I’m a recording musician: I’ve got lots of mp3s and sporadic blog posts about new music and music experiments on music.joshmillard.com. Last year, I wrote and recorded an album from scratch in the month of February; it’s called Inchoatery, and if you’re interested in this sort of thing you can read a post-month breakdown of the process here.

If you’re curious about what random thing I’ve done on any given week, follow me on twitter: @joshmillard. Thanks for dropping by!