B is for Bookmarks: alphabetical browser bar roulette

The alphabet, according my browser’s URL autocomplete suggestions:

A is for Ask Metafilter – The Q&A part of Metafilter, the site for which I work.
B is for Babelfish – Because if it’s worth translating, it’s worth translating badly.
C is for Comics Curmudgeon – Daily vivisection of newspaper comic strips.
D is for Deleted Metafilter Threads – Unofficial record of dead Mefi threads.
E is for Oxford English Dictionary – Because words are awesome.
F is for Flickr – Got to put pictures somewhere.
G is for Google – Because more information about x is available on the internet.
H is for Hark! A Vagrant – Fantastic, literary weekly-ish comics by Kate Beaton.
I is for Metafilter Infodump – Clearinghouse for site activity statistics.
J is for Josh Millard dot com – Apparently, this blog is a thing that exists.
K is for KenKen – Sudoku doesn’t involve enough mathematical operators.
L is for Language Log – Ling blogging from a wonderful bunch of language nerds.
M is for Metatalk – Metafilter’s policy/metacommentary backroom.
N is for Notch’s tumblr – So I can find out which parts of Minecraft broke today.
O is for Overthinking It – Engaging hyperanalysis of pop culture ephemera.
P is for Penny Arcade – The video game webcomic reader’s video game webcomic.
Q is for Questionable Content – Another webcomic. I seem to like webcomics.
R is for Rock, Paper, Shotgun – PC-centric gaming news and review site.
S is for Songfight – Competitive/collaborative weekly songwriting community.
T is for Talking Points Memo – Political news/muck blogging and reportage.
U is for Five Thirty Eight (“Service Unavailable”) – Stats analysis that my browser apparently cached a bad title for.
V is for Overcompensating – Jeffrey Rowland’s fake real diary comic thing.
W is for Wikipedia – I can’t get through the day without seeing Jimmy’s mug.
X is for Xenonauts – In-dev indie spiritual successor to X-Com: UFO Defense.
Y is for Youtube – Best collection of animated gifs on the web. Now with audio!
Z is for USPS zipcode resolver – Helpful for locating Waldo.

Full disclosure: I’ve done a bit of shuffling and selective editing to avoid repeats and to skip urls that would be no use: I can hardly link the Metafilter Admin interface, I’m not going to link to my online banking account, and my local-library access to the full OED Online interface won’t do you any good unless you live in the same county as me and have a library card already.

But the revisions were more nudge than retcon: this is a pretty good picture of where I end up on a regular basis.

If anything, recency and uneven alphabetical distribution seem to be the distorting factors: while I’m excited about Xenonauts, I only discovered the site recently and there’s not that much there to look at so far. But it has an x in it, and most places don’t; and I’ve been there in the last few weeks. Likewise, I know I’ve used the Zipcode page recently, but it’s hardly somewhere I land regularly.