Man oh man.

Nothing in like three months? I’ve been neglecting this more than I thought.

It’s been a busy, Metafilter-centric three months — after finishing up that trip (which was fantastic), we did a raffle (complete with wierd Paypal headache) that raised over $12K for charity, we ran an informal UI experiment with Metafilter favorites (complete with much arguing), Matt found out he had a great big pituitary tumor and scared the shit out of us, and said tumor has ended up responding very well to non-surgical treatment. Plus a dozen other slightly less landmark-worthy things I’m forgetting to mention.

And two mefites, newish member Bageena and long-timer and blogosphere-coiner Brad “bradlands” Graham, both passed away suddenly this last week. Sobering start to the new year.

I think I’m going to dodge the formal Resolutions thing again this year and just state a general intent to get my shit in gear.