Things Go Wrong

I’ve been distracted the last week from what I thought would be some pretty hardcore trip-planning stuff by:

1. My right wrist (read: the one I do everything with — music, mousing, gaming) going all wonky. Doc says tendonitis. Brace, rest, ice, NSAIDs, check back in a couple weeks.

2. One of our cats, Freyja, has gotten out and has been missing for a few days. Doing all the things we’re supposed to do. Someone who may or may not be her has been eating food we’ve left out the last couple of nights. Waiting for her to show up at home or for her microchip to get scanned at a vet or shelter.

So, shit. Wind out of sails somewhat. But the show goes on, and I’ve got a week to get ready, so it’s time to get ready.

Stupid Airline Tricks

So there it is: I’m going to spend a month flying around on Jetblue and visiting an unreasonably large number of my fellow Metafilter members.

Thanks to Jetblue’s stuntish (and sold-out-early) All-You-Can-Jet promotion, I’ll be spending the month from September 8th through October 8th flying around the continental United Stated, hitting a new city just about every other day and partying my ass off with mefites.

It’s an aggressive schedule; I’ve never done anything quite like this before. I’m excited and a little terrified, and I think it’ll be a hell of a lot of fun.

My city-by-city itinerary looks like this:

Portland, ME
Randolph, VT
New Orleans
Las Vegas
San Francisco
Salt Lake City

I plan on documenting the trip heavily as I go, and I’ll be documenting the run-up to the 8th as well as I figure out how, exactly, I’m going to pull this thing off.