Question: grep semen american-english | grep -v s$


Norsemen, abasement, advertisement, advisement, amusement, appeasement, basemen, basement, casement, chastisement,debasement, disbursement, disenfranchisement, disfranchisement, endorsement, enfranchisement, horsemen, reimbursement, semen, subbasement.


You can’t spell Norsemen without “semen”, amirite.


There are 41 results for a search for “semen” on the official McDonalds question-and-answer site, but a portion of those are questions about advertisements.

Then again, a lot of them really are about semen.

SongSmith vs. Queen

If you’re feeling daring, give a listen to this thing I just put together:

Kill Me Now, Queen

It’s isolated vocals from Killer Queen, with the tempo (more or less) normalized to 117 bmp and fed into Microsoft SongSmith.  Here’s a bit more detail on how I made it.

If you’ve missed the SongSmith boat so far and are wondering what the deal is with this abomination you’re listening to, see here.  And then see here, and also my original composition using same, Harmonica Odyssey.  And so on.

Music I recorded in 2008

I didn’t record enough music last year, and I hope to do better this year.  But I did do some recording, and I’ve decided to just round it all up right here.  Maybe this should be a yearly thing?

Eleven songs isn’t terible, but it isn’t much.  More music this year.  Covers are fun, but I need to get back to focusing on original music, too; only four of those are from-scratch originals.

I’m a better musician and songwriter than I was when I was 18, but the songs sure came easier back then.