Josh vs. the Space Zombies

I’ve recently started doing some writing for the new video game news brainchild of my fellow Metafilter user James “jbickers” Bickers.  The site is Hard Casual Gamer; we’re focusing on video games from the perspective of folks who are hardcore gamers at heart but don’t have the time or energy to play as much or as often as that implies.

Hard casual gaming, as it were.  Because it’s been a long time since you were 12 years old and sitting in front of the original Zelda, and you went and got busy with real life in the interim.

My first review is up, a rundown of the (excellent) space-zombie-horror-shooter romp Dead Space.

Diplomacy game norm_mefi

I recently finished playing a game of Diplomacy with six fellow Metafilter users.  I’ve enjoyed reading End Of Game (EOG) summaries by other players in the past, and this is my long-winded attempt to jump into that pool.

If you’re interested in looking at the game in question, you can find it here.  If you’re reading through the turn-by-turn details below, I’d recommend you grab this PDF of the game history to use as reference.  See also the Metatalk thread that spawned this (and other) games.

If you have no idea what Diplomacy is (it’s a classic European-warfare boardgame that mixes tactics and negotiation) or at least have never played it, you will probably find the following confusing and dull, though there’s a chance you’ll find it confusing and fascinating, in which case you should really consider giving it a go.

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