Live Apostrophree or Die

Cute bit of satire from Typical Programmer (via blasdelf at Metafilter).

What does Apostrophree do? It autocorrects language errors. Like, say…

Misplaced apostrophes?
Usually I don’t get through three articles in my RSS feed before I encounter it’s when the author meant its, or FAQ’s, which is almost as common on the web as FAQs, and more common than the correct FAQ, since the Q stands for “questions” and is therefore already a plural.

One good invention deserves another:

Any plans for spending your venture capital?
Part of the deal we have with Bolus is the acquisition of a Russian company that is working on what they call a “clue gate.” The idea is to identify and filter out postings from newbies, particularly on technical forums, so employees are not tempted to insult someone who can’t install Python, for example, or to spend an hour explaining why a real programmer has to know C and not just Java.

Now I just need to drum up a few million to leverage a LAN/proxy implementation of my counterstrategy.

Author: Josh Millard

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