Perceive it or not

From a response-to-a-response, by Sally Thomason, over at Language Log:

But one week I got two irate letters from authors whose papers I had turned down. One of them accused me of never publishing papers in generative linguistics because I was biased against generativists; the other accused me of publishing only papers by generativists because I was biased against non-generativists. It cost me some effort to suppress the urge to send each author’s letter to the other complaining author.

Heh. I’ve had days like that.  I’m looking at you, Metafilter.

Deep frying = deep trouble

Frozen turkey + overfilled deep fryer = fuck you up, bucko.  But don’t take my word for it:

75 Turkey Fryer Injuries!  Since 1998!

That’s an exciting statistic, boy howdy. 

Don’t you agree, newscaster guy?

It was this or accounting, basically. 

I see that you do.

(Screencapped from this video, via this turkey roundup, via metafilter.)