Announcing: bunt cake

I insist that you go take a look at bunt cake, which is my new web comic project thing.

It is made out of baseball cards, but it is not about baseball.  This is turning out to be sort of a complicated point to make, so maybe read that last sentence again, and bear with me, and then go check it out.

I haven’t done a comic before—I’ve made a couple of abortive attempts at just drawing something comic-like from whole cloth, but I’m not a very strong or fast or expressive drawer-of-people and besides that never really had an idea for a setting or characters.  Dilemma.

Solution: eschew setting.  Eschew drawing.  Take scissors to baseball cards and use the cropped results as props, puppets without set personalities, and see what happens.  And I’m really enjoying it so far, and I hope some of you folks out in internetland will enjoy it too.

So.  Yes.  bunt cake.  Go.  Read.  Subscribe to the RSS feed.  And if you do some or all of that, I’d be much obliged if you’d let me know what you think.

Insult Shrapnel

One of Metafilter’s better conversational point-makers, a fellow who guys by bugbread, may have coined a phrase today, in a discussion about (in part) the ethics of deploying despicable rhetoric in a rebuke of a despicable rhetoritician:

If someone said “Ann Coulter is as stupid as bugbread”, I’d be offended. Not because somebody’s insulting Ann Coulter. Go to it. But because I’m getting hit by the insult shrapnel.”

Insult shrapnel! A fun turn of phrase, and evocative. Right now, it generates three google hits, one of which looks like spammish regurgitation of one of the others. So clearly not in common practice.

So this post has two purposes. One: boost bugbread’s usage. Two: see what gets more Google respect: an keyword-titled post to my blog, or the content of a sprawling Metatalk thread. I have a feeling that Metatalk will win.