John Cowan is essentially trouble

In the best possible way. Metatalk!

Site hacked. Better now. Layout weird.

Bit of a bump.  Fixing things.  WP didn’t retain old style.

More as it comes.

Internet fame, come and get me.

So I ate a giant donut, is the thing. And the folks at Serious Eats blogged it.

Internet fame, come and get me.

(Here’s the photo on Flickr, along with a lolcattish companion piece.)

That’s just going too far, man.

Dear spammer:

I understand that you are going to fill my moderation queue with ads for painkillers and porn.  It’s your vocation.  That’s fair.

But hear this: I’m not okay with you leaving <b>old tags unclosed.  That’s just fucked up.  Turns the whole rest of my moderation page bold, and that screws with my daily deletion spree.  I don’t come to your home and put blink tags on your spam interface, do I?

No.  I do not.  So cut that shit out, man.