The New Year So Cool

So one of my bands has settled on the moniker The Man So Cool. We don’t have a logo or a brand or anything yet (our first show ever is Tuesday, 1/2/07, and we don’t necessarily know all the songs). We’re brand new.

I tell you all this lest you get the impression that what follows is in any way an official document. It is merely something that makes me giggle.

the man so cool wishes you a happy new year

Peaks and Troughs

It’s a fact: the Josh Millard brand of enthusiasm is a weird and fickle thing, erratic and inconstant and goddamned difficult to predict.

The year is closing out, and it’s been a productive one for me, but the last couple of months have not been good for online ventures.  My attentions lately have been on the meficomp project, when they’ve been on it, and otherwise on non-Internet things.

I’m in a couple of bands, all of a sudden.  I’m now the official banjo and snare player for the post-Kansasian sensation The Harvey Girls, the core of said band being Hiram and Melissa, mefites and contributers to the Metafilter Compilation Album, who have recently transplanted to Portland and taken me into their musical fold.

I’m also playing in a now-quartet with old bandmate Brian, as the keyboardist for an energetic pop-rock-stuff-thing project that is as of about 18 hours ago officially called The Man So Cool.

Between those two things, I’ve been spending a lot of creative energy that might otherwise have been going elsewhere.  The Aural Times, for example, lays fallow and unloved, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to put up an official closing notice.  On the other hand, I’m itching to get back to (semi-?)regular updates of laundryroom swapmeet and pedestria, and I’ve got some work to do for polyorama as well.  And then there’s always the secretive preparations being done for a certain butts lol project.

So hopefully I’ll close out 2006 with, if nothing else, a renewed sense of vigor and excitement for some of the projects I’ve been neglecting.  And though nothing may compare measure-for-measure to composing 70 or so news-related songs between February and September for the Aural Times, I’m hoping 2007 will be another productive year, and a proper inaguration of a more steady and unified Josh Millard Empire.

Unless I just play the hell out of the new Zelda instead.  It’s really great.