Vocabulary Fact #1

Until the age of 11 or so, I didn’t get that “heresy” wasn’t the same as “hearsay”.  I just thought that, I dunno, they were variant spellings for the word HEER-say.

I think this is an indication, as much as anything, of how my mom failed to pound me over the head with heavy-hitter Catholic ammo—the only time we heard the word “heretical” around the house was when we were watching Python doing “Spanish Inquisition” skits.

Happy Birthday, Lessa!

Today is the birthday of the younger of my two sisters, both older.  Lessa, who is named after an Anne McCaffery character1, is, as of today, 29.  Which is a prime number, and that is awesome.  I hope that she has a lovely birthday.

1 Arguably, the Anne McCaffery character, queen of a whole pantheon of strong scifi/fantasy women.  Or so I gather.  Our mom was really into those books back in the day.  I dodged a bullet—if I’d been a girl, it would have been Menolly for me.

Announcing Polyorama!

For real this time: take a gander over at polyorama.joshmillard.com

At this precise moment, there are four sets; two from John Ralston, and one each from taz and iconomy, all three of them fellow Metafilter members.  And speaking of Metafilter, there’s a very nice thread about the project.  Exposure!

Thanks primarily to metafilter, I’ve served something like 18,000 requests each day for two days now – which reduces to somewhat smaller numbers of actual visitors, but it’s still a hefty number.  Exciting!

pending polyorama

Hot on the heels of the Pedestria launch, I’m working on a new site built around the concept of polyorama—a set of art panels which can be arranged side-by-side in arbitrary order to present a (more or less) seamless complete image.

Still putting the site together; at the moment, I’ve got two sets, one from John Ralston and one from taz, both co-regulars at metafilter.  But it’s cooking.  Check it out:


Announcing pedestria!

I enjoy people watching (even as much as I love laundry watching, yes), and for a while I’ve wanted to explore ways of doing something with that.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve put together an idea:

Pedestria is a blog of often fuzzy, implicitly voyeuristic candids of people out on the streets—walking, jogging, biking, sitting, etc—with (for now, at least) minimalistic and impressionistic writeups.

So check it out.  And tell your friends.  Pedestria!