Yahoo & Pepsi Love Me

Crap on a stick! Yahoo/Pepsi have a new-ish video linkblogshowthing called The 9. (They link to 9[-ish] things every day. Clever name.)

And on Tuesday, 8/15, one of those things to which they linked, and about which the host spoke? The Aural Times!

I don’t understand that lack of a heads-up email when this sort of thing happens, though. What gives? Oh well, happy for the traffic, and for the surreality of seeing this blond woman make faces during a chorus of China Bans Foreign Animation From Prime Time TV.

Crazy crazy. Back when it launched, The 9 got a rather mixed reception in this Metafilter thread, which I definitely read at the time but to which I apparently had nothing to add.

It Is A Banner Day

Behold: my very first banner ad. It’s a long not very long story.

Jamie Dee Galey is a fella with a website, General Spite, where he has some comics.  He also draws comics with another fella, Fred Grisolm, who has a fine comic called Hate Song.  The thing they draw together is called Filth Hole.

Note that none of those are particularly polite or well-mannered comics.  They are, however, awesome.

And Jamie is scrapping up some cash to buy a new computer.  His current computer—his workstation, as it were—is something like seven years old.  Which is too old.

And he is scrapping up said cash by offering goods and services—details here—including some ad space on his site.

And, by god, I’ve never had a banner before.  Until now!  I just sent in the above banner art this morning—it’ll start showing on Jamie’s site some time in the near future, and run for a month. 

Hot damn.  Excitement.  Impulsive spending.  Etc.

Announcement: Aural Times redesign!

I’ve spent the last few weeks off-and-on getting to know WordPress, which is, it must be said, a goddam decent piece of software. This blog has been running on it for a week and a half, now, and I launched laundryroom swapmeet a day before that as well, so I’m clearly smitten.

And now The Aural Times has gotten the treatment, and I couldn’t be happier—I’ve eliminated a lot of niggling design annoyances, tightened up the design a bit, and used the nice internals of the WordPress system to realize or flesh out a number of things that, on the old design, had mostly been ideas.

I’ve also got a much better rss feed, which doubles as a podcast, and that’s pretty exciting. I’ll need to test a few things out, but then I think I’ll drop a line to my contact at Yahoo and see if I can get any podcast love out of this.

I’m also trying to get my head around how to execute a compendium album of the first six months or so.

Lookit Here At This Dog

“Myrtle,” she says. She’s standing across the ping pong table from Myrtle, the two of them flanking a pile of garage sale miscellany in the garage-shade of the sunny early afternoon. Myrtle half looks at her, says “hmm.”

She’s holding a small pink stuffed elephant, six inches or so tall. The elephant is cartoonish, great big pink ears, its white hands held up on either side of it’s stubby snout. The stuffed pachyderm trembles in her liver-spotted hand.

“Myrtle,” she says. “Lookit here at this dog with this bone in ‘s mouth.” gets a makeover

Hey, things around here look kind of, uh, different. What the hell is going on?

WordPress is what. Though I am terribly proud of the home-rolled code on which has been running since October ’05, I have gotten tired of never implementing more features. Or fixing existing ones. Or anything else.

And so, here: I’ve recreated the general look and feel, sexed things up a little bit, and imported all of my old posts. Hopefully nothing much is broken—if it is, let me know. Just leave a comment. Because there are comments now. Another bonus.

More various and interesting news to come. It’s been a productive week.