Sneaking into Pitchfork

So I know this dobbs guy via Metafilter, and he’s doing a blog-a-thon this weekend at his site, Wrestle the Future to the Fucking Ground.

And as part of that 24 blog-fest-for-charity, he’s posting unreleased tracks from a variety of artists. Including Robert Pollard, from Guided By Voices. And also including me.

But don’t take my word for it. Read this write-up at Pitchfork Media.

Oh hell yes.

I spent a couple nights this week getting the track in question recorded and re-recorded. I had just written it on Tuesday, so the turn-around has been pretty frantic. It’s called A Man in a Boat in the Water, and I’ll get a proper link up at some point. In the mean time, check out dobbs’ site, particularly on Saturday—he’ll be starting at 9 in the a.m. and updating pretty much constantly for 24 hours straight—and some point he’ll unveil the track.