Look, I Do a New Thingy

After a week or so of effort, and especially a weekend of css tweaking and perl hacking (the spine of my aging copy of the Perl Cookbook having been left that much weaker, the pages that much more fatigued), the site is now in functional form.

Considering my penchant for starting projects that I don’t finish, I feel pretty good about what I’ve gotten done.

More work to do, though — the css could use some further tweaking, and the files need some cleanup and re-organization regardless. If you want to peek at the current mess, here it is. I also need to get an rss feed worked up for this thing, I suppose.

Oh, and content. I should probably add some content.


Author: Josh Millard

I manage and help moderate the community website MetaFilter, where I go by "cortex"; in my spare time I get up to all sorts of creative nerdery on the internet and in Portland, Oregon.

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